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There are as many ways of manipulating graphics and displaying information as there are imaginations but there are some conventions people have come to expect on the web. Easy to find navigation. Contact information in the navigation structure, or at bottom of the page. And sites which display across a variety of browsers and platforms.

Since portfolios are often used to develop ideas, I've divided this into the challenges our customers have faced, and the solutions we've found for them.

Let's begin with a seasonal business. The problem? Keeping the site constant through the changing seasons gives it a static and unmanaged look, which doesn't inspire confidence.

The inexpensive solution? The splash page. The splash page has seen some evolution since the days when it was nothing more than one huge graphic. Today, splash pages are still graphic intensive, but they take into account search engine optimization techniques and come in a wide range of visual styles.

The splash page is a bold statement, and the salvation of a business on a budget that needs to update their site on a seasonal basis. Let's take each of these examples in turn.

Blair Manor uses both a splash page and rotation of their internal images and pages to update on a seasonal basis. This is an excellent example of a web which has been evolving over a couple of years, and now includes a unique marketing tool: a "treasure tour" as part of the experience they offer guests.

The Honeywood Inn uses double entry pages and color to promote their inn. The index page flows into the virtual_visit and then on to pages about the rooms. Note that each page is, in essence a splash page, which uses text and graphics to promote the property. is an extensive site designed to educate new clients, prevent injuries, offer advice if you have injured yourself, and even provides patient forms as PDF downloads.  The site has sections for new runners, including recommended stretches, as well as basic terminology for those just entering physical therapy. The site is rounded out by patient comments and experiences in their own words.

Dream is designed to showcase the Lamoille County area for people interested in making the move.  The site is designed to work with and the Lamoille Economic Development Corporation's site (seen below) and is a refreshingly honest look at work and living in the Lamoille County area.

Lamoille Economic Development Corp's site uses a changing top banner to bring life in Lamoille County to life and serves to promote the area as well as the mission of LEDC.

The New England Icelandic Sheep Breeders Association is designed to promote the breed, the life of farming, and the member farms. Using drop down menus, rotating PHP scrips and an extensive library of information on the breed, the site will have you hankering for sheep.

Or at least a nice pile of wool to knit this winter!

The Thouron Award is a bold site built several years ago, and still timelessly classic. The Thouron site incorporates a bbs system so Thouron Fellows can leave messages for one and other, and a form for directory updates. Since the Thouron Award owned no art and had a tight budget, this site is built completely out of clip art.

HarborSail offers charter boats, captained day sails, and sailing lessons out of Baltimore. This site uses a nice little rollover to pop up a secondary graphic over the background image, and again, represents a site built on a modest budget. The owner delivered the graphics and text all at once, making sure the graphics were in .jpg format and the text was text... not formatted text from a Word document. For his trouble he got a site that went up in a matter of a week, and was quite reasonably priced.

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