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Getting Started on Your Website

  • A great web begins with planning. We'll be taking you through a series of steps to determine exactly what type of web you need, and then give you some idea of what kind of an investment you can anticipate.

    But first, let's talk a little bit about why webs are built.

    • To save money on printing and postage
    • To provide a customer with an immediate source of information about your product or service
    • To attract new customers from unexpected sources
    • To expand the "floorspace" of your business and sell to customers far removed from your physical "brick and mortar" location
    • And let's not forget: ego! Its nice to see your name up in lights

    Much as we'd like to help you build a website, there is one thing you should think about, seriously, before you make the leap to online. One simple question: How comfortable are you with email? People who come to your website come because they're interested in what you're selling or what you have to say, and they'll expect that if they contact you asking for further information, or because they're ready to close the sale, you will respond back promptly, clearly, and politely.

    What does this mean, exactly? It means you must answer your email at an absolute minimum of once a day. Even when you're on vacation, unless you post such a notice to your site. It means you'll need to write clearly and in complete sentences. No cryptic abbreviations or keyboard saving shortcuts. And it means ignoring the fact that some of your potential customers will write their email as if they'd never seen the inside of a grade school. Do not let a lack of fluency color your judgment of a potential customer, but treat everyone politely. That individual who can't seem to find the shift key, so they write with no capitols, and can't seem to find the punctuation keys either, may have had secretaries handling all his correspondence lo these many years. Just because he can't type doesn't mean he's not flush with cash and eager to throw some of it your way.

  • Before you put up a website you MUST be prepared to respond, promptly, to any inquiries. If you are not prepared to do this... don't build a web site. You'll annoy potential customers so much you'll drive them right to your competition. Better to do nothing at all and put up a site when you have someone on staff who can handle the correspondence.

If you're ready to go online, you need to make your first decision:


Make your choice and we're on our way.

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